Tandem flights

Discover the magic of free flight in total safety accompanied by experienced and qualified pilots. No experience necessary to start flying with us.

You will fly over astonishing landscape in Umbria: Monte Cucco, Monte Subasio- Assisi, Gubbio and other stunning scenery in Central Italy. All flights include HD videos

Paragliding or hang gliding tandem flights, with an instructor or an experienced pilot is the best way to get closer to the fantastic world of the free flight no engine in complete safety  flying over most beautiful natural scenarios in central Italy.
Anyone can try this unforgettable experience, From 7 to 90 years old, from 30 to 100 kg bodyweight. The only effort required, in  addition to listen carefully to the pre-flight instructions, is a small run to be made with the instructor to allow the flying machine to take off safely from the take off slope.

After having placed comfortably in the harness  passenger can fully enjoy unique and exciting sensations:  a quiet and relaxing flight over valleys, woods and hills, observing from a new and privileged point of view medieval villages, wildlife and hidden and inaccessible natural beauty .
The whole adventure is packaged and indelibly immortalized in an High Definition video  as a souvenir of this wonderful flight experience. A natural and ecological flight, without noise and pollutant in company of our Masters: hawks, buzzards, kestrels, and sometimes even eagles!
An unforgettable and original adventure you can donate to your friends and relatives;  a thought that will leave traces in the sky and in the Heart!


All flights organized photos and videos. Offers for groups.

  • Break the ice

    Basic and orientation flight,before 11 am, total trip time 75 min.,10/15 min. airtime, transport, licensed pilot, max weight: PG100 kg, HG 85 kg.

  • Touch the clouds

    soaring flight, height gain, xc, total trip time 90 min., 15/30 min. airtime,transport,licensed pilot, max weight: PG100 kg, HG 85 kg.

  • Advanced

    instructional flight, dedicated briefing and lesson, the passenger has the chance to pilot the glider under instructor control, total trip time 3 h. 15/30 min. airtime , licensed pilot, max weight: PG100 kg, HG 85 kg.

  • Hike and Fly

    Gubbio: easy 30 min. hike on Mount Foce, exciting 10/20 min.flight over mediaeval town of Gubbio, landing close to roman amphitheatre, total trip time 3h. licensed pilot, insurance included max weight: 90 kg.

  • Traveling

    relaxing flights above most scenic places around Central Italy.

Give an unforgettable experience!